Posted by: Macaluso | February 7, 2013

Portals, Pokemon, and things

I haven’t updated in a while! I’ve got a few drawings to show off. Also starting in this post any pictures I have here that have a deviantart link, you can just click on and go righ to them.


This is a parody of Cuban Pete from The Mask. Mixed with Cubone. So Cubone Pete! Clever right? I’m super clever. Ladies. This was very fun because I experimented with line weights way more than I ever did before. I’m going to start doing this more. I’m going to have to buy more pens because of it though because this technique uses way more ink.


This was just a silly Lost parody using Pokemon. After I finished watching through Chronologically Lost. Which is a great way to watch the show if you have already seen it the correct way. It makes some things way more emotional. In fact the afterlife part is really great, whenever someone gets their memories back. And Locke’s life looks way more depressing when watching all the flashback scenes one after the other. Also the island scenes tend to be way more intense since you don’t have the flashbacks to break up the action. Ben’s scene with Illana in the last season is still an amazing moment. The Desmond episode where he talks to Penny over the phone isn’t as good, but the phone call is still amazing. Anyway, Lost rules, Pokemon rules, blah blah


This was a really fun t-shirt design that no websites seem to want. I submited it to qwertee, teefury and riptapparel and none of them have gotten back to me (and qwertee straight up declined it). For now it’s on my Society6 page if you’d like to buy a shirt or print of it there. I thought it was a really clever design in any case. I’m hoping at least TeeFury or Riptapparel like it enough. It’s possible it’s just too close to looking like a real Disney drawing for it to be allowed, but who knows really.


I absolutely LOVE how this came out. I fought forever with the “BLUE SHELL INC” text to look good but I finally got it right. Riptapparel turned it down outright, teefury never got back to me and it’s sitting in the voting section of qwertee right now. I haven’t put it up on Society6 yet, so we’ll see if teefury or qwertee gets back to me. I especially thought the quote at the bottom was clever.


A minimalist Kingdom Hearts “poster” I designed. I really wish Society6 did posters because I feel it would work way better as a poster than a print but whatever. It’s on my Society6 pages in any case.


This kind of drawing is always really fun to do. And this time I tried to make it look like the cartoon was REALLY interacting with something from real life. You can kind of see it if you look hard, but the pencil is really being held up by tape. I didn’t want to have the pencil be a different picture just photoshopped in there. Originally it was just going to be the pencil, but my cat was a lucky coincidence. She saw the pencil hanging in the air and HAD to see what was up. Look at that little cutie 🙂

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If you feel like catchiiiiin
em all, it’s up to youuuu
We got the sound to move Snorlax around now
The S.S. Anne is comin’ through

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